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[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 1 - CITV
29/10/1992 Main Review: Joe+Mac Caveman Ninja (SNES) Features: Using a computer paint package; A look ahead in the series Report: Virtual Reality
Keywords: bad influence; citv; virtual reality; joe+mac caveman ninja
Downloads: 1,292
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 6 - CITV
14/10/1993 Main Review: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (SNES) Features: The Atari Jaguar; Reports: Back to the Future the Ride; The Computer Cavern
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the atari jaguar; back to the future the ride; the computer cavern
Downloads: 228
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 2 - CITV
05/10/1992 Main Review: NHLPA Hockey (MD) Features: A look at Alone in the Dark; Looking inside the consoles Report: Exploring other worlds
Keywords: bad influence; citv; exploring other worlds; alone in the dark; nhlpa hockey
Downloads: 417
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 13 - CITV
02/12/1993 Main Review: Lawnmower Man (SNES) Features: A look at joystick, joypads and other control devices; The latest football games Report: IS Robotics
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at joystick; joypads and other control devices; the latest football games; is robotics; lawnmower man
Downloads: 187
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 11 - CITV
17/11/1994 Main Review: Donkey Kong Country (SNES) Features: The history of pinball and pinball sims; Robots Report: Exploring the moon and planets
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the history of pinball and pinball sims; robots; exploring the moon and plantets; donkey kong country
Downloads: 329
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 10 - CITV
10/11/1994 Main Review: The Lion King (MD) Features: Various gun accessories; VR helmets/Virtual world software Report: Jim Henson’s British HQ
Keywords: bad influence; citv; various gun accessories; vr helmets/virtual world software; jim henson's british hq; the lion king
Downloads: 229
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 8 - CITV
28/10/1993 Main Review: Jurassic Park (SNES) Features: A look at new spooky games; Voice-activated software Report: Forthcoming Star Trek games
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at new spooky games; voice-activated software; forthcoming star trek games; jurassic park
Downloads: 200
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 15 - CITV
15/12/1994 Main Review: Doom (Jaguar/MD32X) Features: Multiplayer gaming; The Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation Report: A Virtual trip below Loch Ness
Keywords: bad influence; citv; multiplayer gaming; the sega saturn and sony playstation; a virtual trip below loch ness; doom
Downloads: 190
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 5 - CITV
06/10/1994 Main Review: Earthworm Jim (MD) Features: Game-specific controllers; An architects virtual design package; The Primal Rage arcade game Report: Silicon Graphics
Keywords: bad influence; citv; game-specific controllers; an architects virtual design package; the primal rage arcade game; silicon graphics; earthworm jim
Downloads: 232
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 8 - CITV
17/12/1992 Main Review: Super Mario Cart (SNES) Features: The Atari Falcon; ‘Take That’ on Virtua Racing Report: A guide to gaming in Tokyo
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the atari falcon; take that on virtua racing; a guide to gaming in tokyo; super mario cart
Downloads: 330
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 3 - CITV
22/09/1994 Main Review: Stunt Race FX (SNES) Features: Various screen savers; The making of Magic Carpet with Peter Molyneux Report: Flintstones the musical
Keywords: bad influence; citv; various screen savers; the making of magic carpet with peter molyneux; flintstones the musical; stunt race fx
Downloads: 232
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 3 - CITV
12/10/1992 Main Review: Super Eleste (SNES) Features: The Amiga 1200; Using a computer to create Ballet Report: The Future Entertainment Show
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the future entertainment show; amiga 1200; super eleste; using a comuter to create ballet
Downloads: 397
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 7 - CITV
10/12/1992 Main Review: World of Illusion (MD) Features: Christmas buyers guide; Buying Consoles from the US Report: The Computer Museum
Keywords: bad influence; citv; christmas buyers guide; buying consoles from the us; world of illusion; the computer museum
Downloads: 214
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 1 - CITV
08/09/1994 Main Review: Donkey Kong (GB) Features: The Super Gameboy adaptor; Voice recognition software Reports: Dave Perry and Shiny Entertainment; ECTS
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the super gameboy adaptor; voice recognition software; dave perry and shiny entertainment; ects; donkey kong
Downloads: 241
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 10 - CITV
14/01/1993 Main Review: Prince of Persia (SNES) Features: Gaming cheat devices; Robots; A first look at Sleepwalker Report: The CES in Las Vegas
Keywords: bad influence; citv; gaming cheat devices; robots; a first look at sleepwalker; the ces in las vegas; prince of persia
Downloads: 308
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 11 - CITV
29/11/1995 Main Review: Vectorman (MD) Features: Cyber pets; A new technique to model virtual hair Report: The Nintendo Ultra 64
Keywords: bad influence; citv; cyber pets; a new technique to model virtual hair; the nintendo ultra 64; vectorman
Downloads: 587
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 7 - CITV
20/10/1994 Main Review: Alien Versus Predator (Jaguar) Features: The Video Toaster/Lightwave 3D software; A look at basketball games Report: Kodak’s film facility
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the video toster/lightwave 3d software; a look at basketball games; kodak's film facility; alien versus predator
Downloads: 250
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 8 - CITV
27/10/1994 Main Review: Dynamite Headdy (MD) Features: Explanation of 3D imaging technique; A look at new spooky games Report: The Big One Rollercoaster in Blackpool
Keywords: bad influence; citv; explanation of 3d imaging technique; a look at new spooky games; the big one rollercoaster in blackpool; dynamite headdy
Downloads: 306
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 2 - CITV
15/09/1994 Main Review: Mortal Kombat 2 (SNES) Features: Print your own T-Shirt's using transfer paper; A look at the Woodstock CD-ROM; The 3DO Report: SIGGRAPH ‘94
Keywords: bad influence; citv; print your own t-shirt's using transfer paper; a look at the woodstock cd-rom; the 3do; siggraph '94; mortal kombat 2
Downloads: 219
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 9 - CITV
04/11/1993 Main Review: Sonic Spinball (MD) Features: Using a PC Firework simulator package; The appeal of Beat ‘em ups; Andy's Bad Influence! fireworks display Report: SIGGRAPH ‘93
Keywords: bad influence; citv; using a pc firework simulator package; the appeal of beat 'em ups; andy's bad influence! fireworks display; siggraph '93; sonic spinball
Downloads: 254
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 9 - CITV
03/11/1994 Main Review: Super Bomber Man 2 (SNES) Features: A weather forecasting package for the PC; How ASF created the music for Inferno Report: The Information Superhighway
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a weather forecasting package for the pc; how asf created the music for inferno; the information superhighway; super bomber man 2
Downloads: 180
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 6 - CITV
13/10/1994 Main Review: Sonic and Knuckles (MD) Features: The Atari Jaguar; A look at the Click & Play game design package Report: Rare and Donkey Kong Country
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the atari jaguar; a look at the click & play game design package; rare and donkey kong country; sonic and knuckles
Downloads: 172
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 14 - CITV
09/12/1993 Main Review: FIFA International Soccer (MD) Features: How you can play arcade games at home; The Cam Net headset; Games you build yourself Report: Walsal Arboretum Laser show
Keywords: bad influence; citv; how you can play arcade games at home; the cam net headset; games you build yourself; walsal arboretum laser show; fifa international soccer
Downloads: 218
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 12 - CITV
25/11/1993 Main Review: Jungle Book (GG) Features: A look at Theme Park; Creating graphics using an Onyx Reality Engine 2 Report: The Other Side VR Arena
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at theme park; creating graphics using an onyx reality engine 2; the other side vr arena; jungle book
Downloads: 92
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 10 - CITV
11/11/1993 Main Review: Super Bomberman (SNES) Features: A look at the Oceans Below computer package; An A to Z guide to computers and computing Report: Thinking Machines' CM5 Super Computer
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at the oceans below computer package; an a to z guide to computers and computing; thinking machines' cms super computer; super bomberman
Downloads: 195
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 3 - CITV
23/09/1993 Main Review: Super Mario All Stars (SNES) Features: A look at the Dinosaurs CD-ROM; The luxury games consoles Report: Industrial Light and Magic
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at the dinsaurs cd-rom; the luxury games consoles; industrial light and magic; super mario all stars
Downloads: 436
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 4 - CITV
27/09/1995 Main Review: Wipeout (PS) Features: The Playstation, its games and peripherals; Virtual Violet on Development of Joypads; A look at a Doom editor Report: The birthplace of videogames, Silicon Valley
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the playstation, its games and peripherals; virtual violet on development of joypads; a look at a doom editor; the birthplace of videogames, silicon valley; wipeout
Downloads: 278
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 6 - CITV
03/12/1992 Main Review: Indiana Jones 3 (MD) Features: Video Editing on a Computer; ‘Fresh’ vs Bad Influence! Street Fighter 2 challenge Report: The Nintendo games help line
Keywords: bad influence; citv; video editing on a computer; fresh vs bad influence; street figher 2 challenge; the nintendo games help line; indiana jones 3
Downloads: 254
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 9 - CITV
09/01/1993 Main Review: Ecco the Dolphin (MD) Features: A look at Lemmings on different formats; Software on CD Report: Special effects on TV commercials
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at lemmings on different formats; software on cd; special effects on tv commercials; ecco the dolphin
Downloads: 213
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 11 - CITV
21/01/1993 Main Review: Streets of Rage 2 (MD) Features: A look at Mario Paint; Reducing risk of epilepsy; A look at Stunt Island Report: The latest in puppet technology
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at mario paint; reducing risk of epilepsy; a look at stunt island; the latest in puppet technology; streets of rage 2
Downloads: 234
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 14 - CITV
08/12/1994 Main Review: The Need For Speed (3DO) Features: The Neo Geo CD; The Twelve Days of Computer Technology Report: Recreating a Viking with the help of a computer
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the neo geo cd; the twelve days of computer technology; recreating a viking with the help of a computer; the need for speed
Downloads: 293
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 4 - CITV
19/11/1992 Main Review: Sonic 2 (MD) Features: The Hidden Cost of Handhelds; Desktop VR Reports: Games shops in the US; Using VR in a special needs school
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the hidden cost of handhelds; desktop vr; sonic 2; games shops in the us; using vr in a special needs school
Downloads: 231
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 13 - CITV
01/12/1994 Main Review: Star Wars Arcade (MD32X) Features: A look at Artpad and Dabbler art package; The Sega Saturn, 32x and The Scorpion Megadrive Clone Report: A Motion capture studio
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at artpad and dabbler art package; the sega saturn; 32x and the scorpion magadrive clone; a motion capture studio; star wars arcade
Downloads: 201
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 2 - CITV
13/09/1995 Main Review: Comix Zone (MD) Features: Games Based on TV Shows; Virtual Violet on Websites; A look at Nickelodeon Director’s Lab Report: Community access cable TV show Video Game Slams
Keywords: bad influence; citv; games based on tv shows; virtual violet on websites; a look at nickelodeon director's lab; community access cable tv show video game slams; comix zone
Downloads: 399
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 12 - CITV
24/11/1994 Main Review: Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (SNES) Features: Creating Magic Eye pictures with new software; Video projectors; Testing fabric drapability Report: IMAX cinema
Keywords: bad influence; citv; creating magic eye pictures with new software; video projectors; testing fabric drapability; imax cinema; pitfall: the mayan adventure
Downloads: 240
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 7 - CITV
21/10/1993 Main Review: Aladdin (MD) Features: The Thunder Seat accessory; A look at a computer- based animation package Report: How photos can be manipulated in advertising
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the thunder seat accessory; a look at a computer-based animtion package; how photos can be manipulated in advertising; aladdin
Downloads: 191
[movies]Bad Influence Season 3 Episode 4 - CITV
29/09/1994 Main Review: Rebel Assault (MCD) Features: A look at the Way Things Work CD-ROM; 8-way VR Go-Karting Report: Silicon Valley
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at the way thinks work cd-rom; 8-way vr go-karting; silicon valley; rebel assault
Downloads: 636
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 5 - CITV
26/11/1992 Main Review: Super Mario Land 2 (GB) Features: A look at the Freewheel controller; Creating music on an Atari ST Report: Creating a morphing special effect
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at the freewheel controller; creating music on an atari st; super mario land 2; creating a morphing special effect
Downloads: 459
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 3 - CITV
20/09/1995 Main Review: Donkey Kong Land (GB) Features: Serial Play multiplayer gaming; The Bad Influence! web cam; Virtual Violet on live web cams Report: SIGGRAPH ‘95
Keywords: bad influence; citv; serial play multiplayer gaming; the bad influence! web cam; virtual violet on live web cams; siggraph '95; donkey kong land
Downloads: 405
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 4 - CITV
30/09/1993 Main Review: Asterix (SNES) Features: The Amiga CD32; Amiga Scrabble challenge and other games based on board games Report: The Virtual Geographic League
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the amiga cd32; amiga scrabble challenge and the other games based on board games; the virtual geographic league; asterix
Downloads: 605
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 1 - CITV
06/09/1995 Main Review: Panzer Dragoon (Saturn) Features: A update on the super consoles; Virtual Violet on sequels; The Virtual Guitar accessory Report: Dave Perry and Earthworm Jim 2
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a update on the super consoles; virtual violet on sequels; the virtual guitar accessory; dave perry and earthworm jim 2
Downloads: 273
[movies]Bad Influence Season 1 Episode 12 - CITV
28/01/1993 Main Review: Super Star Wars (SNES) Features: Surround Sound at home; A virtual fish tank; The latest laser game Report: Universal Studios in Hollywood
Keywords: bad influence; citv; surround sound at home; a virtual fish tank; the latest laser game; universal studios in hollywood; super star wars
Downloads: 289
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 5 - CITV
07/10/1993 Main Review: Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SNES) Features: A Mega CD Karaoke add-on and a Karaoke Macbeth CD-ROM; The development of MPEG and the Reel Magic PC card Report: Turning movies into games
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a mega cd karaoke add-on and a karaoke macbeth cd-rom; the development of mpeg and the reel magic pc card; turning movies into games; street figher 2 turbo
Downloads: 274
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 11 - CITV
18/11/1993 Main Review: Yoshi’s Safari (SNES) Features: A look at Make My Video games; The rights and wrongs of video game piracy; The Dual Turbo IR MD controller Report: Using computers in fashion design
Keywords: bad influence; citv; a look at make my video games; the rights and wrongs of video game piracy; the dual turbo ir md controller; using computers in fashion design; yoshi's safari
Downloads: 280
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 10 - CITV
15/11/1995 Main Review: Worms (PS) Features: Clothes designed on a computer; A look at the latest football games; Virtual Violet on cheats available on the Internet Report: Shooting video sequences for games
Keywords: bad influence; citv; clothes designed on a computer; a look at the latest football games; virtual violet on cheats available on the internet; shooting video sequences for games; worms
Downloads: 204
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 8 - CITV
01/11/1995 Main Review: Tekken (PS) Features: Game Pro magazine’s worm lollypop cover mount; How a laser display is created; A look at Doom-style games; Virtual Violet on playing bad guys Report: Filming The Darkening at Pinewood Studios
Keywords: bad influence; citv; game pro magazine's worm lollypop cover mount; how a laser display is created; a look at doom-style games; virtual violet on playing bad guys; filming the darkening at pinewood studios; tekken
Downloads: 294
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 1 - CITV
09/09/1993 Main Review: Jurassic Park (MD) Features: Personal computers that recognise handwriting; A look at the new CD systems and MPEG; A look at Mortal Kombat Report: The latest from the US including the 3DO
Keywords: bad influence; citv; personal computers that recognise handwriting; a look at the new cd systems and mpeg; a look at mortal kombat; the latest from the us including the 3do; jurassic park
Downloads: 262
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 5 - CITV
04/10/1995 Main Review: Command & Conquer (PC) Features: The history of Pool Games; A look at the flight sim EF2000; Virtual Violet on Endorfun; The Nintendo Virtual Boy Report: Virtual World in LA
Keywords: bad influence; citv; the history of pool games; a look at the flight sim ef2000; virtual violet on endorfun; the nintendo virtual boy; virtual world in la; command & conquer
Downloads: 284
[movies]Bad Influence Season 2 Episode 2 - CITV
16/09/1993 Main Review: Rocket Knight Adventures (MD) Features: Composing music on The Deluxe Music Construction Set 2; Playing Air Warrior over the telephone lines with other players Report: How a Jean Michel Jarre concert is staged
Keywords: bad influence; citv; composing music on the deluxe music construction set2; playing air warrior of the telephone lines with other players; how a jean michel jarre concert is staged; rocket knight adventures
Downloads: 310
[movies]Bad Influence Season 4 Episode 6 - CITV
11/10/1995 Main Review: Shinobi X (Saturn) Features: Getting Worms noticed by publishers; a look at The Net film and its website; Virtual Violet on viewers’ feedback Report: A motion capture studio in Sheffield
Keywords: bad influence; citv; getting worms noticed by publishers; a look at the net film and its website; virtual violet on viewers' feedback; a motion capture studio in sheffield; shinobi x
Downloads: 317
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